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About the District



The mission of the Stichting Belanghebbenden Pietermaai, Penstraat, e.o. is to ensure and improve the continued livability of Pietermaai District, as has been included in the Unesco World Heritage list. We do this partly by stimulating social and cultural projects, and promoting the various organizations that have their business in the district, with the goal that both the residents of Curacao and tourist visitors can find their way to Pietermaai better and faster to enjoy this beautifully restored old part of the city as the cultural and culinary center of Curacao.


The vision of the Stichting Belanghebbenden Pietermaai, Penstraat e.o. is a beautifully fully restored Pietermaai, where residents and visitors from all countries can enjoy the many catering establishments in and around the restored monumental buildings in a UNESCO World Heritage-listed district. We see a partially car-free neighborhood, where the most beautiful boutique hotels and restaurants can be visited on foot in the tree-shaded streets. Pietermaai is a cultural and culinary “Soho City” center and one of Curacao’s most important tourist places.

Membership Benefits

If you own a business in the Pietermaai District, we would love to welcome you as a member of the Pietermaai District Association.

As a member, you will be part of the professional ecosystem uniting & promoting Pietermaai District. Collaborating with other companies, co-organizing events, and being in better contact with authorities and experts.

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