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The 5 Most Insta-Worthy Places Around Willemstad

Known for the pastel-colored colonial buildings and the generous street art collection, historical Willemstad makes you want to capture every alley and share it on Instagram. There are a lot of well-known Insta-worthy places around Willemstad. But it’s the hidden gems that are most impressive. We’d love to share some of our secrets with you.

1. Street art walk

Areas such as Otrobanda and Scharloo are the place to be for street art junkies. The art of, amongst others, Sander van Beusekom, Garrick Marchena, Francis Sling, and Avantia Damberg make you feel like you’re walking through an open-air museum. They are proving you wrong if you thought Willemstad’s streets couldn’t be more colorful.

A delight for your camera and your Instagram account. But that’s not all. Every painting has its own fascinating story. Most of these stories can be considered life lessons or contribute to social matters. So, a street art tour is a big recommendation if you like to philosophize or learn more about Curaçao.

In short, this neighborhood of Willemstad is one big photo album with beautiful stories. The only thing that’s missing is you! So, book a street art tour via Dundu Tours or Dushi Walks and gain some fantastic Insta-worthy content.

Sander van Beusekom, a.k.a Blend – Teach a man to fish
Francis Sling – Sunu, bin manera bota (Naked, come as you are)

2. Sunset at the Handelskade

The Handelskade is everything but a hidden gem. Tourists are in abundance, and the place is known for its famous photo sight. Yes, we mean that picture of you standing on the Pontjesbrug with the colorful houses of the Handelskade in the background. But there’s more…

The golden hour. A must-see and must-shoot for everybody that loves the romance of the sunset. And the Handelskade is the perfect place to witness this beautiful natural phenomenon. Get some takeout food, install yourself on the wall at the Handelskade, and enjoy the golden hour and the local vibes.

Free tip: if you like sushi bowls, check out Poke Station.

Takeout sushi bowl during golden hour at the Handelskade.

3. The vibes of Pietermaai

Do you want to fill your Insta feed with some good vibes? Pietermaai is the place to go! This cozy, cute, and colorful neighborhood is alive and kicking every minute of the day. Get your Insta-worthy coffee in the morning and collect some memorable moments with your friends on one of the city beaches in the afternoon. And don’t forget to make some excellent party content in the evening at one of the legendary happy hours.

And vibes aren’t the only thing that makes Pietermaai Insta Worthy. The colorful buildings, happy people, and hip establishments are a real treat for all content lovers.

Sunset in Pietermaai.

4. The raw beauty of Scharloo

Something entirely different: Scharloo. A neighborhood in Willemstad that has known a lot of different circumstances. From a lot of wealth in the 19th century, when affluent Jewish families moved to this part of town. To decay, poverty and crime in the 20th century, when the families moved to the suburbs from Willemstad. Luckily, nowadays, there are several initiatives from passionate locals that realize the reconstruction of the neighborhood Scharloo.

This small piece of history has created an exciting and Insta-worthy area. While walking through the streets of Scharloo, you’ll find yourself astonished by the ruins, and at the same time, you will be gazing at the charming and big mansions. Make sure you’ll remind yourself to take those pictures!

5. Art on your plate

Your Insta feed isn’t complete without some delicious artwork. Good news: you’re in the right city! Willemstad has enough culinary experience to offer that your sharp eye and fine taste can’t ignore.

  • Try the Lionfish at the urban street food restaurant Bario. With multiple food windows, a cocktail bar, and a ‘snek,’ Bario’s entire setting is photo-worthy.
  • Fancy a fancy dinner? Visit restaurant Nultwintig. You’ll pay a bit more but get delicious artwork and a romantic setting in return.
  • Our last recommendation is MosaCaña. A restaurant with a food-sharing concept where dreamy food, great cocktails, and a warm ambiance come together.
  • Of course, these aren’t the only places with Insta Worthy food. The list is way longer! Check out all the restaurants in Pietermaai for more inspiration.

Written by Nicky Pieké